Apprenticeships and Qualifications

Learn more about apprenticeships and how the Apprenticeships and Qualifications team can help you

An apprenticeship is a way of studying towards a formal qualification while working. They aren’t just for school leavers either. Anyone aged over 16 can be an apprentice and there’s no upper age limit, so you can study in your current role. The cost of your apprenticeship training will be met by your employer’s Apprenticeship Levy fund.

Finding an apprenticeship

Known as ‘apprenticeship standards’, there are over 700 subjects to choose from ranging from the very specific, like Adult Care Worker, to more general, such as the Operations / Departmental Manager right up to Masters Degree’s. An apprenticeship standard must align to the job that you are employed to do, so keep this in mind when searching for an apprenticeship that’s suitable for your role.

The top most popular apprenticeships being currently undertaken by employees are;

  • Accountancy / Taxation Professional; Level 7

  • Lead Adult Care Worker; Level 3

  • Project Manager (Degree); Level 6

  • Team Leader / Supervisor; Level 3

  • Social Worker (Degree); Level 6

  • Teaching Assistant; Level 3

  • School Business Professional; Level 4

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Last modified: Friday, 3 July 2020, 11:22 AM