Apprenticeships and Qualifications

An apprenticeship is a way of studying towards a formal qualification while working. Anyone aged over 16 can be an apprentice and there’s no upper age limit, so you can study in your current role. The cost of your apprenticeship will be met by your employer’s Apprenticeship Levy fund.

Finding an apprenticeship

Known as ‘apprenticeship standards’, there are over 670 subjects to choose from ranging from the very specific, like Adult Care Worker, to more general, such as the Operations Manager. Keep this in mind when searching for an apprenticeship that’s suitable for your role.

Search the Institute for Apprenticeships website

Popular apprenticeships we deliver

These are some the most popular apprenticeships that we deliver.

Register your interest

When you’ve chosen your apprenticeship, you and your line manager will need to complete a form to register your interest.

Form for employees: Register your interest

Form for managers: Register your interest

After you’ve returned your form, an Advisor will contact you to discuss what happens next.

Alternatively, for more information about apprenticeships or to make a general enquiry about apprenticeships contact
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