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You can access the password reset option through the

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button at the top of the screen or in the menu options

reset password on the login page

Click here for the quick guide how to do this

For help or support with any iLearn courses / modules on this site, please call

 Learning Pool Support Desk on 0345 0744 114 (Network charges will apply if you use a mobile phone)

or email


How to book a course

Here is a quick guide to help you book a course

To view the terms and conditions of face to face(classroom) course bookings click here

Pop-up windows

Please note that all modules on iLearn open in a pop-up window, so you may need to disable pop-up blockers within your web browser or web browser toolbar.

Within Internet Explorer this is disabled via the drop-down menu and Tools >> Pop-up Blocker. Other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari will vary.

View the below document for step by step instructions on locating and editing pop-up blockers:


For any further help please call the support desk on 0345 0744 114 (Network charges will apply if you use a mobile phone)



Some courses require Adobe Flash player. You will be required to activate a plug-in to start these courses.

Clicking on Activate Adobe Flash



See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for details on how to log in, how to self register, how to choose a course and more.

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Such feedback is very valuable and highlights what changes are required to enhance the content.

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